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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Game changer

As this is the first official post that I promised to be explosive in nature, I hope you got on your big boy/girl underwear cause I am about to the change the game for both side’s and I believe by me doing this it is for the greater good for all of us as people to understand what makes us who we are… Once again I do welcome all input to this topic as a look to deepen the understanding….. I am writing this from my own point of observation and strictly my point of view or my opinion I just want to give you a look into what I found….

Let’s discuss time remember the blog is called “Time, Sex, And Relationships”….time as it relates to men and trust me 99% of the men that read this will all out not agree with what I have done, but I said I was going to effectively change the game. The one thing that I have learned with the women in my life is that they do not really understand men and why they act the way they do. (Gentlemen I am Sorry but our women deserve better)  

Time – I want you to understand that a man’s time is a battle that he fights daily it dictates what his dating habits and tastes will be, All you really need to understand about men and their time are he has 2 choices in how he deals with it when it comes to women he is either Water or Wine everything that he does day in and out in this world is tied into his battle with time. By no means do you ever underestimate a man’s battle with time unless you know and understand his battle with it, and even then don’t underestimate it.  Here’s why;

1.        He has plenty of it most men this modern day have so much free time that they themselves don’t know how it happened.

2.        His general upbringing will ultimately dictate his dating style and how he spends his time, but the vast majority of men do tend to change as they grow older and more experienced.

3.        He will only make one choice based on 2, what you as a women have to figure out is which of his choices is he currently living presently Is he Water or is he Wine (Stay Tuned I’m going to give you the secret to figure that one out quickly)

4.        This is very important lady’s, You can only change a man’s choice of water into wine one time, so pay attention to this so you are not the one who makes the mistake of turning wine into water.

 Keep in mind that I am talking only about the man’s mind and his thought process to women and relationships and why it is that way….

If you want to know where I am going to go next with this topic stayed tuned there certainly more to come RealTalk 100….!/profile.php?id=1353395774

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