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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh no he didn't

Yesterday was the beginning and today is its continuation….

I may have gotten a little ahead of myself with the info that I put out so I am going to back up a little so I can explain what the motive is behind this is and what as a woman and being a reader you will get from this and be able to do with this information

Here is what you will be able to do:

• You will be able to SEE INSIDE THE MIND of ANY man you choose. You won’t literally see his exact thoughts, but you will be able to predict, with a high level of accuracy, his emotions, feelings and future behavior. (You will know what’s going to happen before it does)

IE: Instead of hindsight you will have deadly accurate foresight

• You will have a hyper-understanding of the male mind which will CHANGE the vibe you are putting across. Believe it or not men will instinctively sense the difference between you and other girls. It mostly manifests in your facial expressions, eye contact and body language. He will know that there is something different about you. It’s just like being in a foreign country and seeing someone from your home country – you can sense it from their mannerisms and body language before you even hear them speak.  It is with that instinct combined with this information that will make this all possible for you to see and view men in a way you never did before.

• You will be able to influence his behavior. Because you will understand him better than he knows himself, you will be able to behave in a way so that you are an authority, a guide to his own inner understanding which will give you unlimited persuasive power. Take caution. You will have men’s lives in your hands.

Before I move on to the things that once revealed can never be forgotten and can be used to take advantage of a person.  I’m totally serious about this. This is the real information no one else has.  You will not find this level of honesty and disclosure anywhere, and that is why I urge you to take a good look at yourself and ask yourself “am I really ready to take an uncensored look inside the mind of men everywhere, no matter if it’s good or bad?”  If not, again, turn back.  I am sure if you have read this far you have an interest of wanting to know more, please if you really do not want to know this information leave this blog now never return and your social life will continue on the path it currently is on.  But if you are one of the many brave individuals out there who really want this information and knowledge that not many in this world have and change your dating adventures with men and change your fortunes keep following and step by step you will make the impossible, possible…..

So let us now get into the grits and gravy of it all.  Let us take a good look into the depth’s that would classify a man as water.

WATER – This characteristic is one that can change and is the easiest to be fooled with so with this one you have to be very diligent and the polar opposite of what this trait entails.

A man with the characteristics of water will be one in which he has many women in his life FACT. I do have to say I am sorry for this fact though because it can also be very misleading; actually doing exactly what it was intended to do confuse.  As much as it shames me to say, ladies you get this one wrong 95% of the time. A man that has this trait generally dose not care what you look like, your social status, how good you are in bed it is an illusion makes no difference what he is doing for you or even with you, simply if you haven’t challenged this man to change this trait to wine in a reasonable amount of time he will continue to search and add to the group until he finds a challenge to him you have something and simply one thing that some other woman may not have hence, many women…wink wink ;).  If you the pretty one in the group of many “you go girl” but your only there till he finds someone prettier…sorry!! Oh and before I forget if you think that he is sleeping with all of them he most likely not. He may be sleeping with 2 or 3 out of the group but only those 2 or 3

Bottom line on this is that this trait gives meaning to don’t let the smooth taste fool you. Because it can change rapidly without warning to our next man that I will call Wine…

 Wine – This man on the other hand is of a different breed he is untamable because he is already tame (do not break him) Women tend to do that not knowing that they did .OUCH! He is a strong man dedicated to one and only one at a time.  This man is not a guessing game he wears his emotions on his sleeve like a badge of honor, he is proud of whom he is and will stand by his woman no matter what FACT! Oh but be very careful, because he can also be very dangerous.  He can easily be water pretending to be wine to attract you, remember I said these traits are inter-changeable so you have to make sure you see this one clearly or you might get bitten.

This man trait is associated with the nurturing and caring for his woman, he wants to be with her and he will remain faithful to her, he wants to protect her like he would protect his mother. Be cautious though his attraction is to a certain female that fits his perception and he is going to attempt to fix whatever he thinks he might need to try and fix to make you perfect.  This can backfire if you are saying ‘sounds easy enough” you are sadly wrong.  It can go horribly wrong with this man if he fixes what he thinks is broken and you do become perfect.  He’s A Man Ladies!!! He will start to revert to the characteristic water and start to search for another woman he can try and fix. I am not saying don’t let him fix you, all I am saying is you now have knowledge of this trait “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, WISDOM IS UNDERSTANDING’

Now for all you non believers that have kept reading to this point I would like you to do me a favor if you’re female think back in your life at some point you know a man who has one of these traits I know the light bulbs are going off,  use what I just said thus far and apply it to everyday life I promise you your eyes will open to things you wish you never could see….If you’re a guy I give my congrats to you for making it this far I suggest you keep reading with us cause it’s going to get much crazier as I go on and you might learn something about yourself that you didn’t know and then again I am sure you will learn about what females think of men in general stay tuned……..RealTalk 100

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