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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a Thought!

I was talking to a few of my female friends last night to get some more insight on the information that Im writing about. The question came up last night why am I doin this? I explained to them that it is not me doing anything, it is the ladies that keep screaming Im tired of being alone, I'm tired of getting hurt by guys, where is all the real men at? That I am in fact doing this for.  My mother told me as a young boy that life was going to teach me more about myself and other's than any school book could. Look at the world for what it is and trust your mind, it's brilliant! Take the gift you have and use it to help others.  So now I had to ask myself this question is all this worth it? Are people really going to listen? Has society screwed up so many peoples minds that even if they read what you write are they really listening. How can you change someone's mindset, when its the only mindset they know? Are people really that scared of hearing the truth? Why isn't anyone challenging my mind? "I need to be challenged"
 I almost stopped writing this blog because of those questions! If you was me what would you do?

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