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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Relationship Dimension - Lion/Sheep

This dimension will describe a man’s relationship – and general plan & concept for balancing his dating and romantic goals against and paired with all other aspects of his life.

The terms Lion and Sheep really describe how they view their future life with a partner or without one.    Out of the three dimensions, (time, sex, relationships) this is the least likely to change, its implanted in his brain at the early stages of his youth when we (and I’m talking about myself also) thought about the type we wanted, and tends to stay pretty constant throughout a man’s life. If it does happen to change as all things can, it would have took something really powerful to do so!  

Again the Lion/Sheep dimension is the one that deals with the conflict between his inner instinct and drive to be a father/husband and take care of his family(this is man’s first natural instinct), and the fast paced, modern society with all the stereotypes and stigmas that come along with society that pushes him to work on his career and not worry about being the perfect family situation but more on his money situation.

Again – her biological drive urges her to focus all of her energy on her family, but society, especially her schooling, urges her to work on her career.

The Realist / Idealist dimension is less of a coping strategy, but more describes which drive she favors. Of course, every woman will have some component of each, but there will ALWAYS be one that she favors and gives priority over the other.

All women have a fear of not finding a great guy to be with, that will provide and take care of her and her family – but Realists feel the fear the most, and because of that strive to become completely self-sufficient.


The Lion is a man who is REALISTIC in the sense that YES, it is possible, very possible – especially with today’s divorce rates the way they are  – that he will be not end up with a girl that would be perfect for himself.  So he is the type of man who will focus the vast majority of his time on his studies, and have very ambitious career goals. He will often be more logical in his thinking and decision making.

Most of the Lions who I’ve met were born with those natural urges to become great providers and caretakers of the family, but over the course of growing up and in childhood, have seen men who were incapable of taking care of their wives or families. It could have been their father, uncles, or husbands of their mother’s friends, or I’ll go as far as saying his father’s male friends either the men left completely, or were just not suitable to be good supportive husbands and fathers.

And then they of course are also seeing the polar opposite. They would also see these men who have careers, who were independent and seemed to be  positive reinforcement for succeeding and dominating the negative effects of incapable men.

So really – this dimension is all about upbringing, and that’s the reason why it’s the least likely to change throughout his life.

I was in a situation when I was younger where my family was struggling financially at times, and I actually met a man who was a Lion and he became sort of a mentor for me, he helped me expand my mind by simply digging into the depths of things and not to stop digging until I hit a place where the only place to go was up (looking back he was a Wine, Charmer, Lion). And it turns out he built and sold a business, and was very successful.  But in the back of his mind, with that self-sufficiency he is always going to have a belief that you may not be there for him one day, so he will in a sense always keep one foot outside the door. And – if he is Water, he will be even more likely to ease that feeling by keeping other girls in his life to combat any feeling he may get of settling down.

A lot of Lions don’t believe in the idea of marriage. Of course many do however – but out of all the men who have told me they have no desire to get married, and don’t plan on getting married, marriage to them is not important to their happiness they have ALL been Lions.

It’s not that they can’t be in a functional, loving relationship, it’s that they realize what marriage really is – nothing more than a legal agreement between 2 people that they ratify on paper and has very little to do with love. REALLY! The real mark of a Lion is his self-sufficiency and independency – which some guys and certain girls might confuse with being over masculine… but it isn’t. It’s merely because his hidden fear of being alone are SO overwhelmingly great that he resorts to that – but deep down he is still a man and using the right mindset and plan of action you can get complete devotion and have a very genuine and loving partner.

No let’s recap:

• Lions have no fear of not finding a woman to spend his life with but fears not being able to support themselves

• Lions focus on goals and advancement of their career over the goals and advancement of a relationship

• Growing up, Lions had weaker male figures in their life which cause them to adopt the “I’m not going to be like him mentality”

•Lions are powerful and can take care of you. They actually enjoy it, It’s the protective instinct

•Lions always have one foot out the door, unless you PROVE to them that you will be there for him, not impossible to accomplish


Sheep’s maintain the IDEAL image of a “happy life happy wife”, man and woman living in a house with a couple very happy kids. And this image is so strong, that he is willing to overlook the possibility of it never coming true and him never getting the perfect girl for him or his perfect family. He disregards those fears totally. Of course the fears will always be there, he never forgets them – but they don’t affect the way he thinks and dreams, and relishes in his fantasy of having a perfect family someday.

Most Sheep were brought up around capable men who were happy in their natural protective roles. Many Sheep came from families that stayed together, had a very large immediate family structure, and the parents never got divorced, their dad was successful, and their mom was an awesome housewife and cook, maybe she had a job, maybe not. As a result he would naturally be more ambitious about the future because he has a strong feeling that he will have that perfect family. Being with a Sheep is one of the most satisfying, emotional experiences a woman could ever have. He believes in TRUE love, DREAMS TRUE love and if you ask him about it, he can talk about it with great ease he knows and believes that love is a real thing, and he will gladly share the vision of his ideal future with you.

Sheep love to daydream and often have very vivid imaginations. Most of the Sheep intentions rely on taking advantage of that imagination and filling it with thoughts of the two of you being together.  One of the drawbacks is that a Sheep will eventually want to get married. If you have  been dating him for two years or more exclusively!  This might be great for some women, but if you’re looking to take advantage of men be a female player of sorts and date lots of men – be careful with that. You could end up breaking some hearts.

Let’s Recap:

• Sheep most likely grew up around more capable men who were supportive and present and played major roles in their lives

• Sheep have a vivid imagination and think about the perfect family

• Sheep will eventually look for marriage

• Sheep are very clear on their vision for the future

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