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Monday, October 10, 2011

Food for Thought

For the most part, I am a realist and a very logical thinker. there are still so many things about the male and female mind that amaze me still. Like when will people ever learn that it is never a good look that your entire relationship is on facebook or tagged, and everyone knows your business.  What is even funnier is that you get mad when someone comments on a comment you posted for example; you post "I miss you babe, cant wait till you get back, and I luv u <3" now by doing that you opened up your relationship to the internet. Some how some way that post makes it to the wall of the guy or girl you was fckng the night before and not the intended person, they respond "I miss you too, I will be back that way soon" Oops!!! Now your totally screwed and now the world is in your business. I just do not get it.

Now I am a Generation X baby and  I would like to know when did it become the norm and cool to get relationship advice from your single friends. I am so baffled by this one. Ok, how is a single person going to be able to tell you how to be with someone if they themselves are alone as well. Counter productive dont you think. Can you say the blind leading the blind. As well, why are people seeking this advice about the opposite sex from the same sex that they are. Counter intuitive I think! JustSayin....

That leads me to my final point

We will never understand each other if we fail to understand ourselves first. They say perception is reality, I say reality is what I choose to percieve as real. (perceptional thinking) What may be your reality may not be mine, because we will percieve reality differently. what we may percieve to be real may not be even real at all. It is all in what the mind tells us to believe. 

"Knowledge is knowing, Wisdom is understanding" - RealTalk 100

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