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Friday, October 7, 2011


Somebody, has just made me come out of my comfort shell and I have to get up on the soap box once again. (standing on soap box) Ahem, this is what has me on baffled, I quote

"Also, you will not only have a firm grasp, understanding and in depth insight into the mind of men, I like to call MY POSSE OF EIGHT, from being able to identify him quickly - what is the 'posse of eight', how is it relevant, and this sentence as a whole doesn't actually make sense. You will not only have... needs to lead to but also (you won't just have this, you will have that as well). Do you mean you categorise men into eight types, or something? If so, then your bit at the end about understanding men as individuals doesn't work. They're types or individuals, but not both.

Although I have to say I have a problem with your blurb in general. As a lesbian, the last thing I need is a self-help book about forming relationships with men, but your blurb reads like you don't think very much of men to begin with e.g. sense of the chaos, deceit and frustration that exists inside the male mind.

I just read that and thought "harsh". If you don't appear to like men, how can you claim to be an authority who understands them? I have mainly male friends (if I had been born a gay man my life would have been much easier :-) ) and men are funny, vicious, charming, confused, loving, lonely creatures - just like women. "

Ok, here is where she lost me ImJusSayin!!! This has come from a lesbian so obviously men are not on the top of her food chain per say. and that line she quoted actually reads exactly how I would say it in front of you if I was standing in front of your face. Now do not get me wrong any critque is good critque good or bad, It appears to me and obvious anyone that has read this far that my book is simply not for her, Any women who has dealt with men as potential partners have experienced chaos, deceit and frustration that exists inside the male mind. and to accuse me of being a man hater simply because I stated the obvious. No Mas!! this book will work for men on men - women on men - understanding each other. women on women not so much! "I would have to write a new book for that one" I just might never know. All I am saying is this it is actually a wonderful thing to be critical, but pick that fight when there is a leg to stand on, for god's sake your a lesbian telling a man about men, is it not agreed thats a little ironic. I have nothing against lesbians or even homosexuals for that matter, I love a good fight and freely welcome a debate anytime. What I have written in my book may be over some people's heads of comprehension, but it is 100% about understanding us ( MEN) I will now proceed to step of my soapbox... Goodday!!!

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