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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am puzzled!!!!!

OK, so I am sitting here drinking my coffee and checking my group pages and email's and I come across an email that came from one of my readers Jasmin Mercer,(not her real name) Chicago, IL. She is having some major issues with her boyfriend. Keep in mind she has read my entire book
and what puzzles me about her question was she asked me what type of man is she dealing with and should she stay with him. I think her question is to really test my expertise on matters like this so here is the situation she gave me. I am going to answer her publicly and you be the judge tell me if I am right or wrong!

He seems never to have time for her even when he is off, they have been together for approx 2 years, he never talks with her about anything emotional wise, no future plans with her, and she feels so disconnected from him. He always seems to have time to work longer, or go out with his friends but less time to spend with her. She thinks that he is only with her for the sex. That is her perception of the situation.

Well, Jasmin let me respond to what is to me the classic female mistake that I see everyday. Now Jasmin I am not going to tell you what you should or should not do about your relationship that is entirely your decision. But I will say this, " This may get a little rough people" you must be the most simple minded female that I have ever encountered. Are you really serious when you ask should you stay with a man that basically shows you no attention, and he rather chill with his homeboys than you . On top of that, when he is around, he is only around long enough to have sex with you, and he is gone soon after till the next time. REALLY!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!!  You read my book right? So you know you are dealing with the Party Animal! If you really understood my book I think you would clearly see a pattern to your madness as well have been able to correct your own behavior if this is the man that you really want to be with. Honestly, I am just stating my opinion but it is silly, you are a grown woman playing a high school game. You are not the only woman in his life, nor have you been the past 2 years, you are right you are there only for the sex.  You can either accept that role or move on to greener pastures. I am quite sure he would have no problem letting you go! Just like he has 2 options of dealing with you, you should have options on dealing with him.

He is focused on making his money girl, you can not see that, the last thing he wants is a long term situation with a woman he is having to much fun and he is getting something from every other girl he has that you may know about or not. I am going to leave you to figure that one out.  Hope I did not offend anyone by my little rant but I have to say to the women readers. If you had the power to foresee this situation and prevent it from happening in the first place, like Jasmin did. Would you? Read my book and see what Jasmin so clearly missed from the beginning with her boyfriend.

I have to keep it real or real would not be me..."Knowledge is knowing, Wisdom is understanding"

RealTalk 100....

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