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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free, Free, Free!!!!!

I was having a conversation with my publicist and he seems to think that social networks do not provide me with the type of exposure that I want, I tend to disagree with that. so we made a bet. The bet is that I through just simply passing the word will be able to distribute 3000 digital copies of my book via social networking. and he said he will give me two weeks to do it, and if it is not accomplished we will abandon the social media format ie: Facebook, myspace, tagged, twitter and foocus on more traditional outlets.  I know you can help me when this bet so as an incentive to help me win i have taken the liberty and made the first 1000 digital copies of my book absoulutly free.  So with that all you have to do is go to this site, select the format to download the book - there are many formats to choose from for your convience and upon checkout use the coupon code I affixed below and the book is absolutly free. So help me prove to my publicist is wrong and let us show him what social media can do...

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Coupon Code: KJ42E

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