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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Im back

It's been a while since I posted my last blog on here relating to the topic of what I first posted I first have to apologize to my readers for such of a delay. I recently had some great tradegy that befalle3d me and l=my life and it has taken me sometime to finally get back to what all you guys have gotten from me in the past. I recently lost as of June, July & Aug of  my grandmother, father and mother to cancer in which it has at best been a traumatic experience .  I have alone been able to finally get over this loss to continue to bring to you the things that I first started.  So now it is back to business as usual and once again I do apologize for leavin you guys without any further provacation.  But as you can all understand a great lost as the one I have suffered has taken a toll on mentally, physically and emotionally and I can finally say that I am back to basic knowledge . so as we all look forward into the new year of  2013 I hope this  new year has come in as you all expected it to be.  I will post further back to the topic I originally started but until then I do wish all my readers a  Happy and Glorious new year with many more to come twith the hopes that the new year brings to you and your family all the wishes and dreams that you have long for till m y next full post I wish you all the best and here is a great year with greater things to come....RealTalk 100...

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