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Friday, September 9, 2011

At the park!

Im sitting in the park at the moment people watching and I just witnessed the ultimate male and female encounter FAIL... It is almost sad to sit here and watch it unfold but I what happened the guy is what I call a modern man - Water, Charmer, Focused!!! Those are his three dominate personalty traits, think water and wine in your mind. Guys sitting in the park reading a book on something to do with medical stuff on a bench, girl first walks right past him says nothing. Turns around after about 150 yards and walks back to the guy sits down next to him and put her hand on his hand...omg...."It's about to go bananas"
Guy instinctivly pushes her hand aside proceeds to stand up throw his book down on the bench say something really shocking because the girl turned beet red got up and walked away barely missing this tree that was right in front of her. ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Now this lil episode could have been avoided had she stopped for just a second make a quick observation then proceed with the right idea and it would have worked out way better. All she had to c was what kinda man he was. By his reaction to her he has told me a. I dont like to be touched - water trait b. School or work is important to me because Im in a damn park on a Friday reading a damn medical book - Focused. c. If her move on him seemed more on the seductive side his reaction instead of im interested in approach - charmer but more because he is also water....remember these men are the Head Coach - women are his team....So to him he picks who plays and who sits on the bench!

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