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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sneek peek!

At this point after reading all that I have written so far you now know more about the inside of the male psyche than a vast amount of PhD Psychologists and they been trying to figure this out for years. So this is a simple moment to add pure simple logical thinking to this thing we call dating. Of course there is the one size fits all approach and sometimes dealing with the opposite sex can be fruitful when you look at things that way.  But talking realistically who in the world honestly thinks that the one step approach to finding your mate actually has worked as it was hyped up to be…HONESTLY…ask yourselves that simple question right now! Remember you being told and you at some point believed all men/women are the same…WELL I AM HERE TO INFORM YOU, NO WE ARE NOT!!!  I am standing on my rooftop screaming this out to you wonderful women of the world men have drastically different looks on life and it’s hard to have the one step theory apply to every man so I am given you the opportunity to really understand men on a level that majority of men don’t even understand about themselves while many will claim that they do. I already gave you a simple sneak peek, but you have no idea where I am about to go.  Stay tuned, next I’m going to introduce you to the Charmer and the Poet, when we take a really long dive into the battle with sex.  On Monday, so good weekend to everyone,  “It’s About To Go Down” – Kevin Hart (in my Kevin Hart voice)   RealTalk 100

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