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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Real life examples to think about!

What I’m going to do now is give you some real life focus examples to think about over the weekend, this process will also solidify what I have said so far into your mind, and if you are still a bit confused with the different types and how they all work, this will more than likely make it much clearer for you. I know personally I work really well with real life examples, so this is where I really enjoy beginning to apply this knowledge and understanding.  A2YA7A8JB3SS
So …..


Trying to figure out if he is wine or water is actually going to be the most challenging one out of all the traits I will discuss, because as mentioned before, guys who are Water will act like they are Wine, and keep the fact they are really Water secret.  So, this dynamic can take a little bit of time to determine.

 1 .You look at a guy’s Facebook, and tons of girls are leaving flirtatious comments on his page.     Water or Wine?

2. If you knew a guy as part of your social circle, you see each other here and there occasionally as you have mutual friends in common, and you hear things about him such as that he is playing the field. Which type do you think he is?

3. Ok. A guy you recently met appears to only have male friends.  Is he Water or Wine?

4. If you meet a guy online, is he on average more likely to be Water or Wine?

5. If you are hanging with a guy and he’s messaging people a fair bit more than the normal, and although he tells you they are guys he is texting, you feel intuitively that it’s actually to girls. Water or Wine?

6. You know a guy reasonably well and he mentions only having had a couple of relationships that were fairly long (years in fact), what is he signaling there?

 7. When he talks about dating and finding a girl, he seems to be totally uninterested and could care less about meeting that “perfect girl” it’s more about having fun, what do you think? Water or Wine?

8. This guy you really like has a girlfriend, and complains about her a fair bit, but doesn’t actually leave her, Wine or Water?

9. This guy you like seems to have quite a few girls hanging around him as “players on his team” – girls who he seems to be stringing along keeping as friends or flirting with – and he seems to have quite a few female options. Wine or Water?

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