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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Something Subversive to Really think about!

Following up on what I have already been discussing with you:

Let’s just talk about the downside of NOT KNOWING this information or for that matter not taking it seriously. And you meet Mr. Water, you might be thinking he’s only dating you, and you’ve got it easy. Meanwhile, he could be dating four other girls who are all striving to gain his dedication and affection!  But you would have no idea. He may be behaving weird or doing strange things, and you would chalk it up to it’s because he’s not interested.  But that’s not going to be you, is it? Nope, you are going to understand what I’m putting forth to you. You’ll know how to immediately tell when you’re dealing with water or wine and also how to get water to remove the other women in his life and focus all his energy on you, and become incredibly loyal to you. What’s even more powerfully dumbfounding is that if you DO tame water, water can become even MORE loyal to you because he will feel as though he had to go through many different girls to find YOU.  Now I know this is exciting and a little bit overwhelming but be patient because we need to discuss a little bit more about the specific character traits of water and wine before we can talk about the advanced methods of dealing with them.  This is only the tip of the iceberg we still got 4 more traits to discuss.

Let’s talk DEDICATION - From any man, no matter how old he is, what race he is, how much experience he has, how many other girls are chasing him, and of course his physical appeal. And by total dedication I mean that he is willing to give up his current life circumstance, and take this journey with you. You’ll have him bending over backwards, going to ridiculous lengths to be by your side, supporting you, and making you his first priority above everything else, (except for the things he will do to keep everything stable) So not only will you get the normal things that most girls want – like picking you up, getting him to be responsive to your calls, getting him to do practically anything you want, whenever you want – but you’ll also be able to take the relationship much further.

For example if you want a man to make your life easier and give you that real feeling of YEAH this guy would do ANYTHING for me, does it with no problem and his heart is behind his actions one surefire way of getting that to happen. Is to pay attention that simple.   In fact now that I think about it, that is exactly how one of my best female friends (I’m not giving any names, don’t ask) boyfriend treats her now.  That’s crazy but she is not complaining and oddly enough neither is he.

The key is to knowing who he is mindfully rather than physically, what he may do vs. what he is doing and not be wrong about it. That will take really understanding what I am saying. You do the wrong thing with the wrong kinda guy and its game over. Things like disloyalty, him cheating on you, rejection, him flirting with other girls, losing interest in you, getting in arguments, all comes from the usage of the wrong type of mindset. I am going to try and change this thinking.

Now back on Topic a man’s time struggle

Men are biologically programmed to mate with the most amount of women he can throughout his lifetime (spread his seed) dominant women, passive women, high status women, low status women, beautiful women really does not matter!  Men can find women anywhere, with any demographic you can think of, so therefore he instinctively wants to spend time with as many woman as humanely possible, out of sight & mind he has been really screening the women he dates or is currently dating to find the best one - but there is pressure from society (his fellas, other men) to be the man, IE: Player, Ladies Man….  REALLY no man will admit to this that he deep down wants only one woman.  So this is why you will see men who are older and have yet to settle down, becoming players, and becoming much more aggressive in dating, going out, and meeting women (if they are single, then again men do cheat)  Even to the point of hitting on the girls that are totally out of his spectrum of reality. instead of just getting old in age he will continue to think he is that dominant man he was when he was younger for his biological TIME is “I can make babies till I’m 70 or 80 years old FACT!I don’t have to hurry not at all to settle down. 

Now here is a fun fact: The world’s population is currently estimated to be 6.94 billion humans worldwide. There are approximately 6 million more women than it is men, 51% of that number ( is currently living without a partner/spouse/mate, Now think about it out of a sample size of 10 for every 10 women there is 6 guys, which gives men 4 other options besides you the odds are not in your favor. Have light bulbs started popping yet?

As in relation to women Time to you in this realm is simple (Gentlemen Pay Attention)(this is one for you about women) Women are wired to mate with the most dominant, high status man they can find "the Alpha Male is what they call him" so therefore she puts good amounts of time in (let’s say interviewing) the men she dates and finding the perfect guy for herself, be mindful that there is pressure from society to be with a guy who has high status, the supposed aplpha male – that’s what society today has been teaching women to go after, I can go on all day on this subject but I will not today. It does not help the fact that in the eyes of women it is looked down upon if a girl is single for a long time. This is why you will see women as they get older, start, becoming much more aggressive in dating, going out, and meeting guys. Even to the point of hitting on the guys (exactly like old men, different reasons).  In comparison across the room the younger girl and the way she thinks in her young age is more likely to just sit there and let men approach them. It all has to do with her feeling that her time is running out… This is every woman’s untold demon…..

With men it’s the polar opposite   that’s why the wine trait you want to find and harness in the man, they actually get BETTER with age, more successful, better traveled, they have more sexual experience. And they can have children, now especially with many of the medical help he can make babies up until the day he dies. Why would he rush?

Stay Tuned it’s going to get deeper…Knowledge is knowing, Wisdom is power!...RealTalk 100

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